The Bratty Poets Series

Jun 07

The Bratty Poets Series hates everything about everything excluding whatever we like right this second. We are generally allergic to boredom and are always bored. We care a lot about fashion and are very, very vain. We are probably throwing a tantrum right now.

Welcome to the official tumblr of the Bratty Poets Series, the universe’s largest and most comprehensive resource + community for poets who choose to live Brattily.

There has been a lot of discussion on the internet and in real life about Brattiness. To learn more about the term, and to take a simple self-assessment to see if you might be a Brat, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. For information about Upcoming Events, click on Upcoming Events.

This site will be updated sometimes with bratty stuff. Questions, contributions, etc. can be sent to Response time depends on how bratty the brats are feeling whenever.